Giveaway: Multi-functional Roasting Pan with Rack
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  • 【HEALTHY】Both the roasting pan and rack are made of 100% pure stainless steel without any toxic coatings, Great replacement to unhealthy aluminum roaster pan, Heavy gauge and well constructed for holding heavier food, Durable for a long-lasting life
  • 【EASY CLEAN】 Roaster pan and racks are dishwasher safe without taking your valuable time, Save cleaning labor and reduce the hassle, Come out as new, Also easily clean up by hand-wash with diluted vinegar or soapy water
  • 【CRAFTED】Two rigid riveted handles firmly embedded, Wider for secure and reliable grip with oven mitts to easily put it in/out of the oven, 3.7 inch deeper to prevent sauce spills, Brushed finish for abrasion resistance, Flat bottom applicable to gas, electric, glass stovetop, etc., But NOT induction
  • 【TWO RACK】The thicker and sturdy parallel wires for stably supporting heavy stuff, Help the heat to completely circulate for even roasting, Roast meat on the V-rack above, Leaving large space between the bottom of it and the pan to bake vegetables on the flat baking rack