AICOOK Coffee Maker
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  2. Draw time: 10/27/19 7:00 pm PDT
  3. Sponsored by: Aicook
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  • One-touch operation: one-touch control digital screen for 15 bar Espresso machine. Almost no special skills required, just touching screen keys, you can get your favorite drink.
  • Frothing wand: make fantastic foamed milk for cappuccinos, lattes. You can turning the froth control knob to the right for more foam and to the left for less foam.
  • Large reservoir: 61. 5Ounce(1. 8L) removable water reservoir, easy to fill water and wash. Holds more water For brewing more shots.
  • Energy saver: The espresso machine automatic stop when brewing cycle is finished, and will be into “sleep State” after no operation for 25Min.